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Delphia Full Remodel

In this single-family reconfiguration and remodel, we gutted the entire house and worked alongside the customer to bring their vision to life.

Project Year: 2022

Project Cost: $100,001 – $200,000

Location: US, 60613


With the Delphia residence, we reconfigured the 2nd floor to create a beautiful master suite and finished the entire basement to include more living area, a fireplace, and other touches that the family wanted. The kitchen is now white and bright, featuring top-tier appliances and a beautiful island. We replaced the roofing with something more durable and repaired the garage to be more functional. We also poured a new driveway.

Aiden Parker

The Delphia residence underwent a transformative single-family reconfiguration and remodel, where our team collaborated closely with the customer to realize their vision. The result is a stunning home featuring a beautiful master suite on the 2nd floor, a fully finished basement with added living space and a fireplace, a bright and modern kitchen with top-tier appliances, enhanced roofing for durability, a functional garage repair, and a newly poured driveway, fulfilling the family's desires for both aesthetics and functionality.

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