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Knob Hill Dr. Major Rehab

We reconfigured a split-level home and added a master suite with a master bedroom. We also finished the entire basement and put in a new kitchen.

Project Year: 2022

Project Cost: $ N/A

Location: US, 60613


The Knob Hill residence is an example of a major rehab. This is a split-level home that we reconfigured to be more practical. We added in a new master suite that has a beautiful and open bedroom and bathroom. The customer also needed a new basement, so we worked to finish that with new carpeting and a fireplace. Finally, we also put in a new kitchen where the family can enjoy making meals and creating memories together.

Ethan Reynolds

The Knob Hill residence underwent a significant transformation, with the reconfiguration of a split-level home to enhance practicality. The addition of a beautiful and open master suite, completion of the entire basement with new carpeting and a fireplace, and the installation of a new kitchen contributed to the overall success of this major rehab project, creating a space where the family can make lasting memories together.

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