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Designer Kitchens & Bathrooms

Your dream kitchen or bathroom awaits – crafted with designer details by Noble Builder.

What exactly are we doing?

At Noble Builder, we believe your kitchen and bathroom shouldn't just be functional – they should be havens within your home. Imagine stepping into your gleaming new kitchen, sunlight glinting off polished countertops and custom cabinetry designed to keep your culinary tools perfectly organized. Picture your dream bathroom, where a luxurious soaking tub beckons you to unwind, rainfall showerheads offer a spa-like experience, and calming textures envelop you in tranquility. This is the power of a well-designed space, and it's what we create at Noble Builder. We transform tired kitchens and bathrooms into extraordinary retreats.

Combining meticulous craftsmanship with a discerning eye for materials, we elevate these spaces. Think stunning statement lighting, elegant fixtures, clever storage solutions, and your personality infused throughout. Let Noble Builder bring your designer kitchen or bathroom vision to life.

We can help you with

Noble Builder brings your designer kitchen and bathroom dreams to life. We specialize in crafting gourmet kitchens perfect for hosting gatherings or whipping up daily feasts, bathroom sanctuaries with indulgent details for moments of relaxation, and smart solutions to maximize the functionality of even the smallest spaces. From statement-making custom cabinetry and stunning natural stone countertops to luxurious fixtures and personalized lighting, we infuse your project with style and purpose.

We value your time and space – we arrive on time, keep the worksite clean, listen to your ideas and concerns, communicate openly, and treat every person we encounter with respect and authenticity.

The industry is constantly evolving, and at Noble, we keep pace. Our team is focused on learning from each experience, developing new skills, sharing our expertise, and imparting our vision: to elevate the perception of the construction industry.

With a unique combination of engineering and design experience, we have the skills needed to pursue larger and more technically challenging construction projects. Style requires refined skills, and we embrace design challenges.

Looking at the problem from every angle, we spend time upfront to foresee any problems and think outside the box for solutions. We stay accountable to our word and are there when you need us.

You’ll have the time and space to decide whether we’re a good fit – we don’t sell and we don’t pressure. We consider you the most important part of your project and keep you in the loop with honest answers.


Service Process

Your dream kitchen or bathroom deserves a process that's as unique as your vision. Through open collaboration, we carefully consider your personal style, lifestyle, and specific needs, guiding you through design choices and delivering a finished space that's perfectly tailored to you.

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Transfor your Space Today

Experience the difference of exquisite craftsmanship – schedule a consultation with Noble Builder for your designer kitchen or bathroom project.

List of Questions and Answers

For unresolved queries, reach out to us. Contact us, and we'll swiftly provide the information you need, ensuring prompt assistance for your inquiries.

Your unique vision is at the heart of our design process. Through in-depth consultations, we listen carefully to understand your aesthetic preferences, lifestyle needs, and the specific elements that matter most to you. We offer guidance and insights, combining your vision with design expertise to achieve a beautiful and functional space that truly reflects your individuality.

The cost of your project is influenced by several factors, including the choice of materials (cabinetry, countertops, tile, fixtures), the size and complexity of the space, and any structural changes required. We'll provide a transparent breakdown and work with you to find options that fit your budget and vision.

Yes! We believe that stunning design and elevated functionality should be accessible. We'll work closely with you to understand your budget goals, exploring a range of materials, fixtures, and design options to achieve a luxurious feel while staying within your limits. Our transparent approach enables you to make informed decisions throughout the process.

Absolutely. Our team has all of the needed licenses to take on residential construction work in Chicago. Our full insurance coverage also provides peace of mind and protection to our staff. Rest assured that we adhere to all local building codes and regulations so that all of our work is compliant.

Construction projects and changes go hand in hand and it’s impossible to predict how each project will unfold. Fortunately, our team has the experience and commitment that’s needed to respond quickly to changes and keep the project on track. We will always communicate with our customers if there’s a change in the timeline.

We don't just build structures, we build relationships. Your vision is our blueprint, and we're dedicated to creating a space that reflects your unique needs and style. From expert craftsmanship to open communication, we make the construction process an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We're not afraid of a challenge!

Designer Kitchens & Bathrooms

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