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Project Management

From pre-construction to the completed structure, our project managers help coordinate all aspects of a construction project so that each project is successful.

What exactly are we doing?

At Noble Builder, we’re an all-encompassing construction company in Chicago that’s committed to your project’s success. From residential projects to commercial projects, we’re proud to serve Chicagoland and the surrounding areas with our quality services. In addition to the actual construction of new builds and renovations, we also offer construction project management to assist with planning, scheduling, building, resource management, reporting, and more. As construction projects can be lengthy and complicated in nature, it’s important to have a reliable point of contact throughout the project to communicate with stakeholders and smooth over any roadblocks that may arise. Regardless of the type of construction project that you’re taking on, you can benefit from our experienced team to take the lead and oversee all aspects of the project.

We can help you with

Your assigned construction project manager will actively manage all phases of your project, ensuring a successful outcome. They will work on-site from start to finish to handle designs, bids, contracts, permits, construction, and closeout, prioritizing a quality project that’s finished on time and within budget. Here are some benefits that you can expect from our team at Noble Builder.

We value your time and space – we arrive on time, keep the worksite clean, listen to your ideas and concerns, communicate openly, and treat every person we encounter with respect and authenticity. 

The industry is constantly evolving, and at Noble, we keep pace. Our team is focused on learning from each experience, developing new skills, sharing our expertise, and imparting our vision: to elevate the perception of the construction industry.

With a unique combination of engineering and design experience, we have the skills needed to pursue larger and more technically challenging construction projects. Style requires refined skills, and we embrace design challenges.

Looking at the problem from every angle, we spend time upfront to foresee any problems and think outside the box for solutions. We stay accountable to our word and are there when you need us.

You’ll have the time and space to decide whether we’re a good fit – we don’t sell and we don’t pressure. We consider you the most important part of your project and keep you in the loop with honest answers.

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Service Process

Construction project management follows a unique process from start to finish. You can rely on our team to be organized and professional from the start. We’ll get to know your unique project needs and help you through each project phase, always prioritizing communication. From getting the right permits to closing out the final punch list on the job site, our team of project managers is excited to work with you and help you through the process.

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List of Questions and Answers

For unresolved queries, reach out to us. Contact us, and we'll swiftly provide the information you need, ensuring prompt assistance for your inquiries.

We can handle all areas of construction project management including vendor management, change orders, job site management, quality control, bidding, project schedules, cost estimation, budget tracking, and more. We’re passionate about working with you throughout each stage.

Each construction project in Chicago is unique and the timeline varies for each. While it’s impossible to provide an exact timeline for each project without knowing the details, you can count on your project manager to be in communication with you so you’re aware of the timeline.

Yes! Rest assured that our company has all of the necessary licenses to execute construction work in Chicago. We’re also fully insured, so both our clients and staff are fully protected. All local building regulations and codes are top priority for us. If needed, your project manager can get any additional permits for your project.

We understand that changes are a natural part of the construction process. Our experienced team adapts quickly, minimizing disruptions and keeping you informed every step of the way. Open communication and problem-solving skills are key to ensuring your project runs smoothly.

We don't just build structures, we build relationships. Your vision is our blueprint, and we're dedicated to creating a space that reflects your unique needs and style. From expert craftsmanship to open communication, we make the construction process an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We're not afraid of a challenge!

Project Management

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